Lilliputian - is an adjective describing something or someone as being similar to the people of the island of Lilliput however it is also defined as trivial or very small. This festival is all about supporting the independent filmmaker in the endeavor to tell their stories, while contemporaneously availing the innate need to hear stories which is shared among the human condition.


Images remain the intellectual property of the creator. As the owner of copyright, only you have the right to authorize reproduction of that photograph.

Usage Rights Film
By entering your work you allow Lilliputian Film Festival to display your promotional material online. If you are an official selection or winner you authorize us to Screen your film to the public at an event that takes place at a physical location.

Usage Rights Photography  Contest

Your piece if promoted online will be credited to you and watermarked to deter copying of your image. If displayed online the quality will be at a level to save for web. For official selection and winners if a print of your winning piece is not submitted to us you authorize Lilliputian Film Festival to print your piece for exhibition/inclusion at the Festival Event date or dates. Printing of your piece for exhibition by LilliFest is free of charge.